Saturday 8th November: A group of Coffs Harbour residents and local farmers today added to the momentum building for climate change action to be added to the agenda at next weekend’s G20 talks in Brisbane.

Twenty Coffs Harbour residents and farmers gathered to draw the message“G20 Go Solar” in the sand at Jetty Beach.

Local avocado grower Tony Johnson said he was inspired by Queensland farmer Rob who ploughed “G20 Go Solar” into his paddock near Brisbane.

“Farmers and growers are on the front line of global warming,” he said.

“G20 leaders owe it to farmers here and all over the world to prioritise climate change and cutting carbon pollution as an agenda item at the G20”.

Both actions followed a climate change billboard featuring South Australian farmer David Bruer being banned by Brisbane airport.

David Bruer lost $25,000 worth of grapes in one day on his farm when temperatures reached 45 C last year.

Local mother of two Liisa Rusanen said Coffs Harbour was a vulnerable community to the impacts of increasing extreme weather.

“As residents of a coastal community, climate change is obviously on our agenda. We’re calling on the G20 to put it on theirs,” she said.

This action followed Queensland farmer Rob McCreath earlier this week sending a direct appeal to world leaders attending the G20 meeting, ploughing the message GO SOLAR in giant letters in a field. (photo below). McCreath, who grows crops and rears beef cattle at Felton, said he was prompted to take action after the rejection by Brisbane Airport of a billboard calling for climate change to be put on the G20 agenda.

Thousands of Australians have started a petition at calling on Brisbane airport to reverse its decision.

Today’s beach action is part of the #onmyagenda campaign organized by nine civil society groups lobbying for climate change to be a stand-alone agenda item at the G20 as has happened for the past 8 G20 summits.

More Information and Media Contact:

Lisa Rusanen, Coffs Harbour Climate Action Group 0403 646 787

Notes to editors: The petition calling on Brisbane airport to allow the #onmyagenda billboard featuring David Bruer is at David will fly to Brisbane to deliver the petition to Brisbane airport early next week. Higher Res Images available on request.


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