Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 8.13.20 PMAustralian student organisations are increasingly turning to Australian developed and owned technology to engage, inform and entertain their students.

PokitPal, the Aussie student discount app, is experiencing exceptional take-up with more than thirty educational institutions here and overseas licensing their PokitCampus mobile application.

“Clearly the rise of smart phones and the technological literacy of the student population means that Universities and TAFE’s are looking for innovative ways to reach their students and give them the best student experience possible,” Fraser Duddy, PokitPal’s Managing Director said.

“We are receiving great feedback from students across the country, and overseas, who are using the diary and discount app to enhance their campus experience through events, news and discounts.

“For institutions it provides the perfect platform to reach their students and interact and inform them. They are reporting fantastic levels of engagement through their use of the product,” Mr Duddy said.

“Our Smartphone diary and discount app has been a great success. It’s given us a new communication channel and our levels of engagement with participating students are far greater than any other tool we’ve used,” John Burke, Business Manager, UC Life! at the University of Canberra Union said.
“Our Smartphone diary and discount app has given us a new communication channel and our level of engagement with participating students is greater than most tools we’ve used previously,” Elaine Walls, Student Services, Canberra Institute of Technology said.
“It’s clear that Australian student organisations are leading the way in finding innovative ways to enhance the campus experience for their students,” Mr Duddy said.

“The ‘white label’ nature of the system which enables institutions to individually brand the PokitCampus system for their own student population is incredibly important to the success we are seeing, institutions can license a proven system and craft how it looks to suit the specific audience of their student population,” Mr Duddy said.

“More and more students are studying off campus through e-learning and distance education and institutions are recognising that the virtual campus must rapidly evolve to meet these profound changes in the nature of student life,” he said.

For five years, PokitPal has been a market leader in student discounts throughout Australia.

In 2010, PokitPal began the transition from print to mobile apps by connecting students nationwide with one trusted brand delivering student friendly discounts.

“We are up to over 70,000 downloads and average more than 25,000 voucher views a month which is a fantastic result given stage one development was only recently completed,” Mr Duddy said.

“The recently launched product in Belfast through the University of Ulster is also going gangbusters,” he said.

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