Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 8.02.24 PMCOSMOS Magazine’s new iPad app, launched in June, has seen startling recognition and takeup by readers and subscribers around the globe.

It’s been ranked 5-stars by iMonitor and as high as #3 on iPad newsstand as well as #1 in New Zealand, #23 in US and in the top  100 in over 20 countries.

“Tablet devices have reinvented how we tell stories, how consumers interact with our content, and how advertisers connect with our audiences, all while maintaining the design and engagement of a print magazine,” Wilson da Silva, COSMOS Editor-in-Chief said.

“We’ve started thinking of print, not as the central core of the business as we once did, but as just one of the many platforms we have to connect with readers and with which to tell engaging stories,” he said.

COSMOS is internationally respected for its elegant writing, excellence in design and engaging breadth of content, and has been entirely re-imagined for the iPad, with interactive infographics, interviews, image galleries, video and more.

“While there are real challenges in how you effectively translate a magazine to fit the digital mould, it’s clear that publishers and editors have to rethink their magazines so that they work as a narrative tool in the digital space,” he said.

“A large number of publications that have gone digital, but so many are just replicas of their printed cousins. There’s a lot of take-up of digital magazines, but those consistently in the top 50 sold have created editions that are more than print – where interactivity is not just bells and whistles but actually help to tell richer stories. This can transform a reader’s experience,” Wilson said.

“I’d rather be a niche global magazine publisher than a mass local magazine publisher,” Kylie Ahern, CEO of the Sydney-based Cosmos Media which publishes the magazine said.

“With continued growth and take-up of the app we’ll have the audience and therefore the ability to create an even bigger portfolio of targeted products, she said.

It’s been blogged and tweeted to over 3 million people by Virgin’s Richard Branson who said:

“For those who are fascinated by science, I can heartily recommend the new COSMOS iPad magazine. It’s a beautifully designed read and covers everything from evolution to cutting edge new discoveries.”

COSMOS Reload, Australia’s first iPad magazine for teens, is due to launch later this year.

The app can be viewed here:


COSMOS is a literary science magazine with a global following. Australia’s #1 science media brand, it reaches 500,000 people every month via a print magazine, a daily online news website and a weekly e-newsletter and now the iPad app. COSMOS Teacher’s Notes reach 65% of Australian high schools, and they produce a wide range of quality editorial products (such as websites, booklets, posters and DVDs) for a range of clients.

COSMOS is backed by an Editorial Advisory Board that includes Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin, ABC Radio’s Robyn Williams, and is chaired by
Dr Alan Finkel, the neuroscientist and philanthropist who is the Chancellor of Monash University in Melbourne.

Media Contact: Andrew Bradley
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