The Association of Building Sustainability Assessors (ABSA) have made their submission to the Senate Select Committee on Electricity Prices, indicating that a greater focus on energy efficiency and more sustainable buildings can make a tangible difference to power costs for homes and businesses.

“Our focus in the submission was really on the residential setting and how energy efficiency measures, enhanced knowledge and awareness, better designed and built homes and nationally consistent programs, standards and data can all contribute to easing the burden on the average Australian consumer,” Rodger Hills, ABSA’s CEO said.

“There is a direct and clear link between the sustainability of Australia’s buildings and the issues surrounding, and stemming from, electricity prices, peak demand across the network and the management and supply of power.

“Maintaining our electricity networks, so that they can cope with infrequent days of peak demand, is a foolish approach when it is clear that greater demand management and more efficient use of this power is both sensible and desirable,” he said.

“The level of waste and inefficiency in the delivery and use of electricity, and in turn its cost, is shameful for an innovative and modern country like Australia.

“Informing consumers, which in turn allows them to take action to tackle electricity prices, has got to be a good thing.

“Study after study shows that people want to do something about reducing their use but that many simply don’t know where to start,” Mr Hills said.

“Consumers receive more efficiency information now about a washing machine, fridge or a car than they do about the home they intend to buy or lease.

“This is an absurd situation for consumers and for governments,” Mr Hills said.


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About ABSA: The Association of Building Sustainability Assessors (ABSA) is a not-for-profit national membership organisation representing building and design professionals who specialise in assessing the environmental impact of buildings. ABSA’s vision is to improve sustainability through the design and use of buildings.

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