A survey conducted by leading CEO network The Executive Connection (TEC) reveals that businesses are trending towards extended shutdowns over the Christmas/New Year period.

The results showed that 4 out of 5 businesses were planning to close-shop over the holiday season with more than half shutting for the two week period starting 23 December.

The key reasons cited for the shut down were low staff productivity, less business and the opportunity for staff to rest and recharge ready for the New Year.

“Traditionally businesses have remained open over the Christmas period to service clients if necessary. Often, staff – have had very little to do and it becomes a waste of resources,” Nikki Potter, CEO of The Executive Connection said.

“Our own office closes over Christmas/New Year and increasingly our members and saying they are doing the same. The end of the year is an uneventful time for most workplaces. More and more businesses are shutting down for Christmas to encourage staff to use annual leave during the slow season, rather than at other times of year..

“Importantly, with the ever increasing pace of business these days, it’s a great opportunity for staff to take the opportunity to spend time with families and recharge ready for the year ahead,” Ms Potter said.

Through its affiliation with Vistage International Inc., TEC members have access to over 17,000 business leaders and owners in 15 countries across the world.

TEC’s end of year shutdown checklist:

  1. Give your staff a reasonable amount of notice
  2. Advise your clients/customers of shut down plans ahead of time
  3. Remind staff to switch on their “Out of Office” email auto-reply
  4. Have an emergency contact number
  5. Put shutdown dates and emergency details on your answering machine, website and office door